STOP & Read This Before Renting In Pavones

Coming from a landlord who has been renting out a rental house and rental apartments for over 10 years in Pavones, I have seen many mistakes renters make before renting. Let’s take a look.

Trying to save money, while renting a cheap place, can actually lose you money & time. You would be surprised at how often I have renters calling me, asking if I have availability in my place after trying to save money by renting a cheaper place that, they would consider (after trying to stay there) unlivable.

These Complaints Include;

  • No hot water in shower
  • No water at all
  • Cockroaches, scorpions, ants invading the living space
  • Out of control mosquitos
  • No wifi or incredibly unreliable wifi
  • Nothing working in the kitchen
  • No locks on doors
  • No parking or very far away parking area
  • Not safe area, Not secured.
  • Chicken coops, with bad smells
  • Neighbors that play loud music on loop
  • Leaking ceilings
  • Renting a house only to find out it is shared with other people

How to Prevent Having a Renting Problem

Here in Pavones there are very low standards. Before renting you should make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you rent. For example; If you require hot water in the shower, make sure the place you are renting has hot water. Most places do not have hot water heaters. If you are renting a house, make sure you are getting the entire house and not just a room in the house.


Once you get here to Pavones, you will want to enjoy the experience, without having to worry about your living situation. As long as you clarify exactly what you are getting, before you rent, you will be fine. God speed friends.

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2 thoughts on “STOP & Read This Before Renting In Pavones

  1. I rented from a woman named Pam Secord in Nevada ..paid her 1300.00 for 4 months rent in advance..after the first month the electricity was cut for non payment so no water either ..kept our money and said “thats how it goes in Pavones” had the nerve to call me a whiner

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