Unexpected Tragedy in Pavones

Captain Joseph Adam Lyall passed away unexpectedly on July 23, 2022, at the age of 43, in Pavones, Costa Rica after suffering a heart attack. ‘Captain Joe’ had fished on a charter boat earlier, catching rooster fish with friends. He went for a surf afterwards but cut the session short because of chest pain. PavonesContinue reading “Unexpected Tragedy in Pavones”

STOP & Read This Before Renting In Pavones

Coming from a landlord who has been renting out a rental house and rental apartments for over 10 years in Pavones, I have seen many mistakes renters make before renting. Let’s take a look. Trying to save money, while renting a cheap place, can actually lose you money & time. You would be surprised atContinue reading “STOP & Read This Before Renting In Pavones”

10 Things To Do In Pavones, Besides Surfing

Let’s face it, people come to Pavones, Costa Rica for the world class wave but what most people seem to overlook are the many other fun activities. Let’s take a look. Learn spanish Pavones is a great place to learn Spanish because of the laid back serene atmosphere. Finding a teacher is easy and thisContinue reading “10 Things To Do In Pavones, Besides Surfing”

The Immigration Office in Paso Canoas Has Moved

The immigration office that was located in Paso Canoa has moved 10 minutes away to a private building with security. Location; Estación Migratoria Bicentenaría del Sur, ubicada en Barrio Corazón de Jesús, Corredores, sobre la Interamericana Sur, antiguo Maderin. There is no sign outside (Of course) so finding the building can be difficult if youContinue reading “The Immigration Office in Paso Canoas Has Moved”

Gnarley Charley & Bethany Hamilton in Pavones

Gnarley Charley was back in Pavones this past week ripping up the waves. Gnarley Charley runs ‘Gnarley Charley’s Surf Series’ in Florida. He also ran into Bethany Hamilton out at the Pavones point. Bethany Hamilton is an American surfer that survived a shark attack that bit off her left arm. Instead of giving up surfing,Continue reading “Gnarley Charley & Bethany Hamilton in Pavones”