Something Brand New Coming to Pavones

Nick decided to complicate his life further and open a 3 bedroom hostel. The hostel will be named Surf Shack and is located on the same road as his awesome restaurant. As a GoPavones subscriber you get to see & purchase the Surf Shack merchandise before anyone else! Click the link below.

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling To Pavones, CR

Internet Data Kolbi is the only re-charge card that is sold in Pavones, however the stores do not carry the chip to activate the phone. Kolbi and Claro have the strongest signals in Pavones. If you are using a different provider like Liberty, you won’t get as strong a signal. 4 Wheel Drive When renting…

GoPro found on beach *Update* Owner Found

*UPDATE* OWNER FOUND GoPro 7 found on Pavones Beach. Has anyone seen this person? Pick up at Nick’s Place Restaurant or Supermarket


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