5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Traveling To Pavones, CR

Internet Data

Kolbi is the only re-charge card that is sold in Pavones, however the stores do not carry the chip to activate the phone. Kolbi and Claro have the strongest signals in Pavones. If you are using a different provider like Liberty, you won’t get as strong a signal.

4 Wheel Drive

When renting a car, make sure it has 4WD. The roads on the way to Pavones are unpaved, littered with potholes and can get steep in certain areas.

Always check GoPavones.com news section before traveling to see if there is any road information.


The closest ATM is about an hour away in Naranjo. Credit cards are accepted in most places in Pavones, including the supermarkets and restaurants but it’s still safe to carry some cash on you for taxi rides etc. Some of the supermarkets do cash back. The American Dollar is accepted by everyone in Pavones.

No Hospital or Clinic

The closest clinic is in Comte about 45 minutes away from Pavones. The closest hospital is in Golfito, which is approx. an hour and 45 minutes away. There are some locals that can perform stitches but getting in touch with them in emergency situations can be difficult.

Flying Sansa with Surfboard

Dimensions:6.7 ft maximum length
Quantity:Subject to availability for the total amount of the flight
Fare:Surfboard charge is $30 per way.
Handling:Surfboards are not part of the baggage allowance and are subject to space on the plane.

Helpful tips when packing your surfboards

 1. Clothing or other items are not allowed inside the package.

 2. Damaged packages or those that do not withstand handling are not accepted.

 3. Damaged boards are not accepted.

 4. We recommend transporting the boards in individual cases for better protection.

 5. Fins must be removed

Was there anything else you wish that you knew before traveling to Pavones? Leave a comment below.

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