Welcome to Pavones News

This is my first update. Let’s get right to it. 3 days ago we had massive amounts of rain. I saw a car accident right outside of my restaurant window. Luckily nobody was hurt (that I know of). The car had slipped off of the road into the gutter. Probably a rent a car. Luckily Gerson was around to pull them out with his tractor. We lost power in the storm for 6 hours, which I was actually impressed with because I didn’t think ICE would make it out with the road being flooded. On the same day, a tico died down by the boats. Word on the street is it was from alcohol poisoning. I won’t mention his name here.

On a better note, the waves have been really good today (5/18/21) and no sign of rain now. The roads are fine now as well. The town is full of people and everyone is finding it hard to find rooms to rent because the waves are pumping.

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